Karissa Leicht is a cinematographer and filmmaker in the film industry. She studied cinematography, digital media, and art history from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015, she now works as a professional cinematographer on sets. She employs both a technical understanding of what a project needs, but also utilizes her intuition for decision making, and uses life experiences and travels as a platform for her art.

"I would like think of myself as a 'visual therapist' for a project when it comes to aiding the Director in their vision. It is not just about making 'cool images', but about enhancing the story of what is to be told."

The most notable clientele/brands she has worked for are A&E Network, Vogue Magazine, Bud Light, Mary Kay, Glorious Gaming PC, and Abbott Laboratories
The most notable narrative films she has worked on to date are "Mrs. Anderson" directed by Brina Palencia, produced by Destinee Stuart & Farah White, executive produced by Jamie Lee Curtis & Paul Wingo; and "Innocent Boy", directed by Brock Cravy, produced by Deiadra Armstrong & AJ Mattioli
Other notable works as an Assistant Camera are TV shows, "Cruel Summer" and "1883" and narrative feature film, "12 Mighty Orphans"
Local Hire to Texas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta
RED Camera Owner/Operator or open to what a project needs
Experience with Arri, Blackmagic, Sony, Panasonic, Canon
Trusted and solid connections with Panavision, and local rental houses.